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Mai La Thai - Projects


Please use the contact form to request  more information or to connect. Thank you.


How can I purchase a print or artwork?
Email Subject: Purchase Inquiry 

Do you do other types of editorial, commercial, or photographic projects? Yes
Email Subject: Still or Motion Projects


Would you be open to creating new art for my brand, book, service,
business, residence, office, company, club, or institution?
Email Subject: New Art Commission 


How can I get permission to use one of your images or artwork?

Email Subject: Image Licensing


Do you have any exhibitions coming up?
Email Subject: Notification List

Emails on the list are not used for any other purpose than to send
news updates or exhibition invitations.

What other media do you work in? 

Digital Media, Paper, Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pencil, Ink, etc.
Email Subject: Other Media
To see more, please inquire.


How about branded projects?
Yes, please let me know what you're interested in developing.

Email Subject: Branded Projects - Design, Art, Film, Illustration,
Advertising, or Photography

For acquisitions or to view additional portfolios:

Email Subject: Acquisitions or Portfolio Requests

Thank you.

© Mai La Thai Artist

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