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Into the Light


Into the Stream


Into the Air


Into the Heart


Into the Field


Into the Source

About the Light Series

I’ve always been intrigued by the wonders of nature, life, science and the energy and mysteries of the universe. The challenge was finding a way to visually encapsulate such abstract concepts. In 2013, I experimented with the physics of light, liquid, and color and captured everything organically in-camera. In the process, the Into the Light series was born, un-retouched and in the raw. 

In subsequent years, I expanded the images into other dimensions like the Air, Field, and Stream. They are not literal translations of the themes but from my imagination
of what exists in between these realms and spaces. Into the Heart and Into the Source came to fruition in autumn of 2018. Dimensions vary. Please inquire about specific sizes.

© Mai La Thai

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